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Attention to even the smallest detail

With over 40 projects under our belt in the last 8 years, we’ve reviewed a design proposal or two. We’ve crafted space for the all-important housekeeping closet when the architect was certain it couldn’t possibly fit, and found ways to meet every guest need, yet not compromise on design. Our technical services offerings are built to ensure you have an operator's perspective at the table as important decisions are made. There are so many technical components when creating a hotel, and we’re happy to assist by sharing the things we’ve learned along the way.

Service Detail
  • Review architectural plans and specifications.
  • Provide the interior designer with advice on operational components such as the menu, layouts, design, and utility; review and critique proposals from designers.
  • Assist owner with the selection and retention of a project manager.
  • Assist in the solicitation of proposals from all professional consultants.
  • Assist the owner in the selection and retention of a purchasing agent for the purchasing, delivery, and installation of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment (“FF&E”) and operating supplies and equipment (“OS&E”).
  • Assist the owner and architects in selecting and retaining a landscape designer.
  • Assist the owner and landlord in developing budgets for FF&E and OS&E, kitchen equipment, laundry equipment, telephone, and communications equipment, security equipment, property management systems, building management systems, and other individual categories of FF&E and OS&E, and assist the owner and design and other professionals in developing an overall budget for the hotel project.
  • Conduct monthly inspections and intermittent reviews (in coordination with project manager, owner, landlord, and developer as applicable) during the construction period.

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